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Effective Membership Pricing Strategies

Choosing membership rates is one of the more crucial decisions you will make as a club owner. If you price your gym too low, you run the risk of overcrowding, while raising membership rates too high means you’ll be missing out on potential members and also lose profits. Finding that pricing sweet spot is critical, […]

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Differentiating Price and Value in Gym Memberships

Even before you begin pricing your gym, you will need to establish what category your gym will fall under.  As in, will it be a value gym with basic equipment and low to mid-range membership prices, or a premium gym with top-of-the-line equipment and higher membership fees? The reason this question is so important is […]

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Class Capacity Breakdown

Fitness studio owners know that space equals money. It’s as simple as understanding that every time you rework your financials to try and squeeze even an inch more space into your vision, the cost will rise.

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Effectively Pricing Your Gym

Effective pricing will go a long way in the profitability of your fitness club. You will face many decisions as a club owner, but this crucial one in particular is something you will have to make upon opening your gym.

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Selling Gym Memberships The Right Way

Numerous misconceptions about sales exist. From sales being a cutthroat business with slimy salespeople to the ebbs and flows of the economy effecting how your business grows, you name it, there’s an opinion on it.

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