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Selling Gym Memberships The Right Way

Selling Gym Memberships

Numerous misconceptions about sales exist. From sales being a cutthroat business with slimy salespeople to the ebbs and flows of the economy effecting how your business grows, you name it, there’s an opinion on it. Chances are, you’re like me and in the fitness industry because you have a passion for wellness and a desire to help people live healthy lives – not because you’re good at sales. However, a major part of growing your business is the sales side and if you want to engage with people and make a difference in their lives, well, you’re going to have to do some selling. 

The good news is, one of the best ways to sell your studio is not by pitching, it’s actually by listening. Yes, really. So, throw away everything you thought you knew about sales, and consider some of my favorite methods. I’m sure you’ll see a difference in the amount of membership sales you get each month. You’ll even see sales in the summer, when tumbleweeds are growing at other gyms.

Get Personal

If you’ve ever purchased anything from a salesperson, you know that pitching puts you on the defensive. It’s an uncomfortable place to be, and that is the last place you want to put your potential members. You want to make them comfortable from the moment they walk in the door. Remember, a lot of these people may be new to the fitness industry and be intimidated as it is. They walked in (or called) for a reason. They don’t want to be sold, they want to buy. There’s a big difference there, so you need to listen. In listening to your prospects and asking them questions, you get to the personal aspects of their fitness goals. Plus, you gain a much greater level of trust from them about you, and gain a greater level of comfort. By listening, you show that you are their partner in their fitness journey and you’re invested in their success. You often have to get personal to get new members.

The Truth of the Pitch

Most of the time you will get prospective members because they want to “lose weight” or “get in shape.” Most salespeople will jump on the opportunity to start pitching a “one size fits all” solution. These types of salespeople are more comfortable with their pitch then they are about listening to the individual they’re speaking with and go the extra mile to hear their needs. Instead of caring about the prospect, they go into “sell mode” and care about getting the sale. This is an instant turn off and prospects can see it happening every time. So instead of being “just another salesperson” spend time learning how to have great conversations with members and train your staff how to best interact with prospects. You may even want to do a little role playing with your sales team by giving them questions they should be asking to hone their skills.

Keep the Line of Communication Open

Once those prospects join your studio, keep the communication open. Check in on them and see how they are enjoying your gym and how they are doing with their fitness goals. By staying communicative and available to your members, you will find that Marketing Your Fitness Club (LINK TO BLOG) will become even easier. Your members will truly believe that you care and will tell their friends to join. And, because you already come highly recommended, your sales numbers will continue to increase.

Remember, if you are doing most of the talking, then chances are, you won’t get the sale. Let the prospect do the talking, listen to them and then let them know why your gym can help them reach their goals. Get them to get personal, even emotional, with you, and you’ll get the sale every time.

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