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Tips to Increase Sales This Summer

It’s summer, which means you’ve probably already noticed that things have become quieter around the gym. From members opting to go for runs and bike rides outdoors, to enjoying vacations out of town, there are many reason why fitness centers aren’t as busy during the summer months. Although one in five Americans has a gym membership, with most joining a fitness center between November and March, the following are ways to target new members looking to work on their beach body even during beach season.

Offer Summer Hours
Longer days and more sunshine, means more people are feeling energized. Capitalize on that by opening a little earlier or closing a little later. And by all means, don’t close your doors on holidays like the 4th of July. People who work long hours typically take holidays to enjoy a longer workout (or to workout at all!), if you close early or aren’t open at all, you’re not helping members who are trying to make the most of their days off.

Offer Summer Events
From outdoor Zumba to a barbecue for your members, make the summer work for you by having fun events that get your members involved. Even better, offer guest passes for these events so there’s potential to hook new members.

Don’t Forget Niche Markets
Chances are your gym is not going to appeal to everyone, this is particularly true if you are a boutique gym. If you are a niche market, make sure you are targeting your specific population and tailoring your marketing approach to allow you to better engage with your audience and core customer base. If you’re speaking vaguely to a broad market, you’ll miss the mark entirely.

Be Unique
It’s an extremely tight market out there. With gyms popping up on almost every corner, approximately 30,000 fitness centers in the United States, there’s a gym for practically every niche and market for people to choose from. Be sure your fitness center is unique in some way and stands out among the competition – particularly in the summer when membership sales are dragging. One idea that has worked for fitness centers in the past is to offer commitment-free memberships in the summer. You’ll get the extra sales from students who can’t do a full year membership, as well as from visitors who may be staying with local family. Additionally, offer summer classes that are trendy, new and harder to find. This is a great way to test out classes to see what you may want to add the rest of the year. Creating specials that target your niche market will help to create customer loyalty and build your client base.

Create an Offer with Urgency
Who doesn’t love a great promotion? Get people in the door, and fast, by offering an “urgent” promotion. When done properly, this kind of promotion can mean big revenue and new members for your fitness center. Because the offer is urgent, prospective clients will see the deal and feel more inclined to sign up immediately since the deal is only happening for a limited time. Offering a special such as a free 3 day trial, will help get prospects in the door. Once they see all that your gym has to offer, they are more likely to sign up for a membership.

Don’t let your sales lag in the summer. By implementing some or all of the above tactics, you’ll increase your revenue and be well on your way to getting closer to your annual sales goals.