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How to Keep Marketing Your Gym During the Holidays

You may have heard people say things such as, “It’s the holidays, nobody is going to the gym!” or “Wait until the new year to ramp up your marketing.” But the truth is, the end of the year is a great time to work on your marketing efforts. There are a lot of amazing marketing opportunities that you can do with little to no extra effort. The following are a few great ways to stay top-of-mind throughout the season so your members and prospects come in droves once the holidays are over.

Sponsor a 5K
Jingle Bell Runs are very popular this time of year. Take advantage of the holiday spirit by sponsoring or putting together a 5K. Members and potential ones will get involved and your name will be out there front and center. You can encourage people to dress up like Santa, tie jingle bells on their shoes, and really enjoy the festivities. Having a DJ at the starting line as well as refreshments is always a good idea. Sponsoring a 5K and supporting a charity in this way makes for an awesome opportunity to allow your marketing efforts to go towards a good cause.

Host a Toy Drive
Giving back to the community is easy during the holidays. Members are more likely to participate in charity events during this time. Because everyone celebrates the season differently, one common way to include everyone is through a tradition of giving toys to underprivileged children. This tradition will truly resonate with your members and will help raise awareness for your gym.

Have a Food Drive
Similar to a toy drive, doing a food drive gets people in the door to drop off the food. Contact a local shelter to see what they need and set up the drive at your front door or near the front desk. Once everything is collected, have a few employees deliver the food. Be sure to take pictures so you can include them on your social media platforms.

By giving back to the community during December, you and your employees will surely notice a feeling of community, satisfaction, and gratitude. Your members and prospects will see you as generous, mindful, and community focused.

Promote in January
Okay, so this one is a given. New Years is the biggest and best time to promote your gym. It’s the time of the year when everyone resolves to lose 10 pounds and hit the gym more often. With motivation high, this is the time when you really want to help your members crush their goals. Help them do it with classes and programs geared towards their success. The more successful they are, the more your business will be too.

Throughout the holidays and through the first few weeks of the New Year, be sure to offer promotions, workshops, demonstrations, free assessments and more, to get people in the door. Show off your gym, the trainers, and help people discover what they are missing. Show them why they need to be a part of your gym. Remember to get everyone’s contact information so you can follow up with an email and phone call.

Getting a head start during the holiday season is easy when you take advantage of the many marketing opportunities. By keeping your members involved and promoting to potential new ones, you are setting yourself up for a successful and lucrative year ahead.