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FREE Budget

A sample budget spreadsheet for small businesses to track actual figures and future projections, detailed and summarized views, comparing projections to actual, with graphs and a dashboard, it goes hand in hand with a business plan for ensuring your business is running smoothly.

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FREE Business Plan Outline

A sample business plan outline that is useful when creating a business plan for the first time.

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FREE Table of Contents for a Operations Manuals

Get sample listing of policies and procedures for a small wellness business with sections for the owner, manager, front desk, and instructors. These are a great starting point for any small business that is looking for supporting documentation to help their business run more effectively but don’t have the time to document everything.

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Download KPI Sheet

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What a KPI Report Shows

  • Revenue compared to same month previous year or month
  • Recurring revenue includes total recurring sales, unique individuals, as percentage of total revenue of similar categories, number terminated, number new
  • Attendance includes total visits, total unique individuals, average visits per month, number new students, number social buying deals or free series sold
  • Retention looks at all phases of the client life cycle – did they come back after their first visit, did they buy an intro offer, we’re the intro students retained, and did the intro students convert to autopay
  • Online Sales, Referral Sources, Payroll, Membership Pricing, Pricing Analysis

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