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How Your Health Club Industry Can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is popping up everywhere these days, and the fitness industry is no different. Club owners are quickly discovering the benefits of AI ranging from customer service and marketing to personal training and tracking member retention. Of course, the profitability of using AI is enormous as technology leads the way and intelligent machines are put to work. The following are a few ways for you to consider AI in your own club.

1. Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service
It goes without saying that high-tech promotional materials that offer potential members clearer perspective into the look and feel of the club can boost sales. The novelty factor alone of AI can be intriguing and special enough to gain the interest of prospects. As prospects and members engage on digital channels, the chance for human error to take place almost goes away completely. Whether it’s setting up a membership or handling customer questions via excellent customer service, with AI, you can count on members getting the attention they demand. Studies show that clubs that have implemented the use of AI have reduced their email inquiries and calls by over half. Thanks to AI, customers can connect and get their answers taken care of immediately. This not only satisfies customers but aides in lowering the costs of staff, giving you the opportunity to use your resources in other places.

2. Personal Training
Personal training is an integral part of the fitness experience at gyms. But many members may feel anxious about working with a personal trainer, unsure about what the experience is like, or believe they don’t need one and would rather take their fitness into their own hands. With AI, you can show potential clients what a personal training session is like without taking your best personal trainers off the floor. With digital coaching, members can experience a personal training session and therefore be more apt to buy a training package because their anxieties and apprehension have been immediately squashed.

3. Smarter Equipment
Artificial intelligence allows fitness equipment to be more customized than ever. From casual gym goers to professional athletes are discovering the value of AI with smarter, more connected equipment. Because of this, members can progress faster and smoother through higher quality training and more accurate numbers. With AI, users can receive notice right on the machine (via a tone or vibration) to determine when they need to move on to the next exercise, etc. With AI led training, users can stay safer and get the results they desire, which means better member retention for your club.

Adopting Artificial Intelligence at Your Health Club
Many club owners may think this sort of technology isn’t for their club, but the truth is, AI will be the norm in almost all clubs within the next few years. Those who implement it early will be better able to keep up with the competition (and blow them out of the water) as members demand better, more advanced technology. We have screens and technology in every aspect of our lives, so having the latest technology at the gym – where our numbers truly mater, only makes sense. Rest assured that you don’t have to go all out when you first implement AI into your gym. Even adding a few machines here and there can make a huge difference. Once you and your members start seeing the benefits and boost to your bottom line, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!