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Why you need Instagram to help grow your business

Businesses in all different industries are discovering the power of social media to get the word out about their brand and increase customers. The right social media platform can actually be the foundation for an incredible marketing campaign, but the trick is knowing which one is right for you. Instagram has become increasingly popular among club owners and trainers because it allows for attractive visual content – and they are seeing results.

The reason is simple: visual content helps clubs engage better with their audience. Although all social media platforms allow for sharing visual content, Instagram does it better than others. That’s why utilizing Instagram for business should not be ignored. If you don’t know how to use it, ask a social media professional. The powerful benefits of Instagram for your business should not be overlooked simply because the platform feels foreign to you as a gym owner.

The following are a few stats that may help persuade you to consider Instagram as a vital part of your marketing strategy:
Every day over 50 million images are shared on Instagram.
70% of the hashtags used are branded.
8 million Instagram profiles are businesses.
3 out of 10 users buy a product because they found it on Instagram. (That’s 30% more business just by utilizing a FREE social media platform).

Even better than those impressive stats is the fact that as a small business, you won’t face much competition on Instagram in terms of a marketing tool. Even with the impressive stats, only 24% of small businesses are leveraging the platform for their marketing needs. For that reason alone now, more than ever, it makes sense to jump on the Instagram bandwagon, particularly if you are a small club that wants to attract local clientele.

Build Trust with Your Target Audience
To begin reaping the benefits of Instagram for business, you need to start building a targeted community, one that you can interact with regularly. By generating positive engagement with your followers — and even those who aren’t following you with the use of hashtags, you build a trusting bond. Use Instagram as a way to share a human side of your club. From sharing motivational quotes to short videos of workouts, you begin to appear authentic.

Generate More Engagement
Instagram has proven that high levels of engagement with appropriate content is not only a very real possibility, it is achievable, by almost any brand. In other words, despite engagement being a measurable metric, the process is not rocket science. Because of the ability that brands have to immediately connect with their audience, Instagram proves to be an extremely potent platform to generate positive engagement. Some industry experts even argue that Instagram is the best place for generating this type of connection with followers.

Leverage User-Generated Content
The good news is, you don’t need to pay for user-generated content! It is authentic material that you create exclusively for your brand and help you stand out in the main feed. User-generated content helps your company become an influencer in the market and invites users to discover you with each post. By creating the best visuals you’ll get noticed by your target audience and ultimately bring in more members to your club. The more content you have, the better as users follow and discover all that your fitness brand has to offer.

Take Advantage of “Low Competition”
Despite being one of the most visited places worldwide, local businesses aren’t maximizing their potential and many are not leveraging Instagram at all. Take advantage of the low competition and build up your following now. If and when it becomes more active for local businesses, you will be light years ahead of the competition.

Instagram is the perfect tool for you to create brand awareness for your club or fitness business. Jumping on the opportunity to connect to users in an unbiased manner is crucial as you build your brand and increase your marketing efforts. Best of all, it can be done with little effort and on a shoestring marketing budget. Instagram is a great way to build unshakeable trust among your followers. It can help you create a strong impression by showcasing your business with appealing visuals. Remember to stay patient and stick with it. You’ll see that all your efforts are completely worth it!