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EPOC: Torch calories hours after you’ve left the gym

You’ve probably heard your personal trainer or workout partner mention something about “after burn,” but can you really burn big calories when you’re not working out? To put it simply, yes! Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC, is a real thing, and the key to “after burn” long after you’ve finished a workout. But, you […]

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Personal Training in the Future: Integration, Certification, and Regulation

Gym owners know that personal training is one of the best ways to improve membership retention rates and business growth. A little over a decade ago only professional athletes, celebrities, and CEOs could afford personal trainers. Now, personal training is so common, and with practical price points, that it’s a major part of nearly every […]

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Mind Body Consultant honored with the MINDBODY Visionary Award

I am excited and honored to announce that I have been awarded with an inaugural MINDBODY Visionary Award, given for business excellence in the fitness, beauty and wellness industries. Awarded to only a handful of businesses worldwide who have an average monthly revenue in the top 30% of all MINDBODY customers between January and June […]

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How a Chicago Gym Owner Worked Out His Personal Path to Success

CrossTown Fitness, a chain of three gyms in Chicago, has the largest offering of personal training and group fitness classes in the area. Founded by Charles Graff, his resume includes everything from a former teacher to bartender and restaurant manager. Yet, because he has always felt the most comfortable in the gym, he knew he […]

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How to Rank at the Top of Google with Your Organic Fitness & Wellness Content

As a fitness club owner with ambitious goals, you’ll find that one of your biggest challenges is tackling paid digital advertising. From Google Ads to paid sponsored ads on social media, there’s no doubt that you’ll start to question your tactics from pay-per-click (PPC) to organic content. The following are tips to help you top-rank […]

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